My name’s Grant and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. You might not be aware, but Scotland is the drizzle capital of the world. Glasgow’s drizzle is of a particularly high quality. In no time at all it will ruin a jumper and make your glasses impossible to see through. As wonderful as our drizzle is, I sometimes feel the need to visit other places, with a particular emphasis on those where drizzle is what you do with olive oil when preparing a salad.

So what is it that happens in someone’s life that brings them to the conclusion they should start a travel blog? In my case it’s probably a combination of a few different things. It’s true that I’ve read some stultifyingly terrible blogs and often thought that I could do better. So the aim here is to be at least one level above stultifyingly terrible. I believe in shooting for the stars.

That isn’t all though. Social media has a habit of reminding you of something amazing you did 3 years ago. A trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, a perfect day in some sun-kissed idyll that seeps unnoticed from your consciousness until, one non-descript Wednesday in June, Facebook brutally mugs you by presenting it as a “Facebook Memory”. You remember it well, of course, but in a generalised way: It was warm. The food was good. That beach bar served great daiquiris. But so much of the richness of the experience fades over time. The things you thought were memorable don’t persist, the anecdotes recede and you only get it back in flashes.

So I’m going to write about it instead. This will mostly be a travelog. In other words, an account of my experiences. I’m not recommending that you should do what I did or go where I went, but if it helps you on your adventures, then I’m good with that.

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Glasgow, Scotland

My name is Grant and I like going places where the sun shines and there's loads of nice stuff to eat and drink. I'm no professional writer but in a world of terrible blogs I figure one more won't do any harm. And if it helps or entertains you in some small way all the better.

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